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Entry  Thu Aug 19 22:04:55 2010, Alastair & Rana, Computing, Computing, Front end rebuilt 
    Reply  Fri Aug 20 03:11:50 2010, rana, Computing, CDS, Front end rebuilt ----- BURT notes 
       Reply  Sat Aug 21 01:50:57 2010, rana, Computing, CDS, Front end rebuilt ----- BURT notes 
          Reply  Sat Aug 21 14:28:14 2010, Aidan, Computing, CDS, Front end rebuilt ----- BURT notes 
             Reply  Tue Aug 24 15:10:36 2010, Dmass, Computing, CDS, Front end rebuilt ----- BURT notes 
Message ID: 961     Entry time: Fri Aug 20 03:11:50 2010     In reply to: 959     Reply to this: 965
Author: rana 
Type: Computing 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Front end rebuilt ----- BURT notes 

Some CDS notes:

1) I suggest that we abandon the 'Router as Port Forward' scheme and just adopt what is running at the 40m and the sites:     A gateway machine sits on the LIGO GC network and allows access to the inside network. A NAT router manages the traffic     from the inside network to the outside. I'm not arguing the merits of one or the other, just that its simpler to maintain    if we are all the same. 
2) The Linux CDS apps we are running are all in /apps/Linux/. I suggest that we move to the same apps structure as is being    adopted for aLIGO. The 40m currently has /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/linux, apps/linux64/, and apps/solaris/. We can pick something    similar and then just move all of the binaries over. Its possible, but unlikely, that we will want some solaris. There's also    this /opt/apps/ area which is partially redundant with the /apps/ stuff. Very likely, this is also causing us problems. 
3) We should also switch over all machines to use tcsh instead of bash. All of the sites have tcsh as the standard shell on    all workstations and all accounts, so it will make the setup of the standard environment using the stdenv.csh scripts easier.     We could argue the merits of bash over tcsh until the cows come home, but its all already been hashed out on internet newsgroups.
4) For some reason, we have bad user directory stuff going on like /cvs/users/abrooks and /cvs/users/users/aidan. Please don't    make your user directories in the ~/ home directory but instead everyone just use e.g. /cvs/users/homer/. /cvs is the shared    disk and is visible on everything. This is the one that we will set up for the daily cron rsync backup to CACR like the 40m does.
5) For BURT, today I made a /cvs/cds/caltech/burt for us along with a autoburt/ dir and a snapshots/ dir in there. This sets up
   the directory structure until 2016. I also copied over the burt.cron and the autoburt.pl. The autoburt.pl has a bunch of hacky
   stuff for finding out what site we're at and bypassing the Y2010 problem, but I'm hacking the hack.
6) For BURT, I set the hourly cron on fb1 by using 'crontab -e'. At 18 minutes after the hour, each hour, it will save a snapshot
   of whatever in the target/ dir has an autoBurt.req file. Log files are written to autoburt/logs/ and the snaps are saved in
   autoburt/snapshots/. Its failing on the pslepics right now since Frank just turned it off, but its a good test to show that
   a dead FE doesn't crash the autoburt.

   To do restores after a reboot, you can use the 'burtgooey' tool. In principle the 'startatf' will also do an automatic restore
   but that relies on the system being in a good state the last time the 'killatf' was run.

7) Next, we should set up the CONLOG infrastructure so that we can easily find diffs in control settings.

8) We also want to record all of the SLOW channels from our MEDM screens as DAQ channels (e.g. INMON, EXCMON, OUTMON, OUT16, & OUTPUT).
   For this we need to copy over the script Rob wrote to automatically produce an .ini file from the .db file in the corresponding
   target directory.

That is all.

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