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Entry  Thu Aug 19 11:44:23 2010, Alastair, Lab Infrastructure, Computing, Wiki 
    Reply  Thu Aug 19 13:18:17 2010, Alastair, Lab Infrastructure, Computing, Wiki 
Message ID: 958     Entry time: Thu Aug 19 13:18:17 2010     In reply to: 954
Author: Alastair 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Computing 
Subject: Wiki 


We need to rebuild the front end soon, so to kill two birds with one stone I thought we could document it on the wiki as we go along.  At the moment the ATF wiki page doesn't want to work.  I'll ask around to find out where it lives and who knows how to get it back up and running I have made this elog the official Rana colours of green and purple along with an assortment of font sizes to appease the wiki gods.

 Wiki gods have been appeased.  The CIT wiki had been moved.  ATF wiki can now be found here.

The top level wiki page is here

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