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Entry  Thu Aug 19 11:33:31 2010, Alastair, Lab Infrastructure, Computing, router... 
    Reply  Thu Aug 19 11:49:15 2010, Frank, Lab Infrastructure, Computing, router... 
Message ID: 953     Entry time: Thu Aug 19 11:33:31 2010     Reply to this: 955
Author: Alastair 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Computing 
Subject: router... 

The internet was down again when I came in this morning.  I power cycled the router and left it for longer than I did yesterday and everything came back to normal.  Maybe it was the router that was the problem the other day as well, but I just didn't leave it for long enough before I power cycled the network switch.

We should probably swap this router out to see if the unit itself is causing the problem.  Does anyone know if we have a spare or a preffered vendor?  If we don't have a spare I'll order an identical linksys unit from somewhere.

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