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Message ID: 911     Entry time: Sat Aug 7 13:45:13 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: General 
Subject: wireless GPIB network devices now available 

i finished configuring the wireless bridges and the gpib-to -network adapters. The adapter have ip-addresses from to 43.
All of them are online right now, but only the device with IP is physically connected to an intrument right now.
The SR785 in the PSL lab has the IP, the other ones have to be installed at the instrument.

Once we've done that we should come up with some names for those devices, e.g. SR785-PSL, SR785-ATF  or so, so that we do not have to remember the ip addresses all the time.
I hope we can use the names with the script too, i didn't try it so far.

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