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Entry  Wed Aug 4 18:52:18 2010, Jenna, Laser, GYRO, AOM Feedback Signal AOM8-4.pdf
    Reply  Wed Aug 4 20:26:30 2010, rana, Laser, GYRO, AOM Feedback Signal 
       Reply  Wed Aug 4 20:34:48 2010, Alastair, Laser, GYRO, AOM Feedback Signal 
Message ID: 903     Entry time: Wed Aug 4 18:52:18 2010     Reply to this: 904
Author: Jenna 
Type: Laser 
Category: GYRO 
Subject: AOM Feedback Signal 

Here's a plot of the AOM feedback signal. The SR560 is DC coupled with a gain of 10, and the calibration for the data is

6.1e-4 V/count / 10 x 700 kHz/V * lambda*S/4A * 2pi (rad/s)/Hz = 3.618e-4

6.1e-4 is the calibration from the DAQ, 10 is the gain from the SR560, 700kHz/V is the deviation set on the Techtronix function generator, S is the perimeter of the cavity, and A is the area. One side of the cavity is .7889m.

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