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Message ID: 830     Entry time: Wed Jun 23 18:15:59 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: HVAC 
Subject: New temperature controllers 

We now have two temperature controllers in the lab:

A couple of weeks ago they installed a second temperature controller on the South Wall. This drives the HVAC heater that is above the stereo.

The original temperature controller (West Wall) was also upgraded to have a fancy new 1960's-style mechanical display of the setpoint-needle on the front type. Maybe in 50 or 60 years we can get a digital controller in here.

At the moment the second controller has not been calibrated to match the original controller.

  1. 00001.jpg - new controller on South Wall
  2. 00002.jpg - close up of South Wall controller
  3. 00003.jpg - upgraded West Wall controller
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