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Message ID: 812     Entry time: Fri Jun 11 21:27:50 2010
Author: Koji 
Type: Computing 
Category: General 
Subject: X11 on WS1 can not find nVidia driver 

Dmass and Koji

We rebooted ws1 during the work, and started not to have X11 working.
So far the single monitor (with cloning) is working.

The machine claimed that it could not find the driver named nvidia.
I switched the driver to the generic driver (VESA Generic Driver) using a diagnostic dialog
which appeard when we could not run the X11 during the boot.

Using the generic driver we now can display 1280x1024 but can not use the dual head function.
I removed the existing nvidia driver (which also did not work) in order to reinstall it.
Then I tried to reinstall it, but the machine could not download it from the fedra site.

I will investigate the driver situation for nVidia GeForce 7600 GT and will try to install the alternative driver later.


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