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Entry  Thu Jun 10 21:18:18 2010, Dmass, Computing, DAQ, FB0 fixed 
    Reply  Fri Jun 11 02:44:09 2010, Frank, Computing, DAQ, FB0 fixed 
Message ID: 809     Entry time: Thu Jun 10 21:18:18 2010     Reply to this: 810
Author: Dmass 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: FB0 fixed 

The front end (fb0) was freezing at "Starting udev" every time I tried to boot it. I googled a tad and found some people somewhere said that this happened to them when some cables were loose, so I wiggled all the cables and rebooted.

FB0 now boots.

I think something may have been jiggled loose from the back of fb0 when the rack was manhandled, possibly during the fixing of the ceiling leaks.

  • I sshed into fb0
  • I did "startatf" and "startpsl"
  • I set both burtrestores to 1 -
  • Nothing worked yet - framebuilder kept respawing at 5 minute intervals
  • I checked the log files and noticed nothing obvious
  • I added a channel in the C2ATF.ini because I wasn't sure there was one
  • I restarted both processes again
  • The ATF model up with both ADC and DAC channels started working
  • I am unsure if the PSL model is working, the GDS_TP screen says "NO SYNC" under sync source.
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