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Entry  Fri Jun 4 23:22:41 2010, Dmass, Electronics, Doubling, Oven Control Updates 
    Reply  Tue Jun 15 23:47:09 2010, Dmass, Electronics, Doubling, Oven Control Updates 
Message ID: 804     Entry time: Fri Jun 4 23:22:41 2010     Reply to this: 814
Author: Dmass 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Doubling 
Subject: Oven Control Updates 

I have turned to the SHG ovens:

  • I noticed a lot of extra non twisted pair of homemade cabling between my ovens and the Newport 3040 so I redid the cables to both the ovens.
  • (N.B. the Newport 3040 seems to have been discontinued, or at least is no longer searchable through google or the newport site)
  • The manual said to use a 15 pin D sub with the following connections (twisted pairs on +/- pairs):


My Wiring
1 TEC+ N/C
4 TEC- N/C
5 Ground Ground @ back of 3040
6 Ground Ground @ back of 3040
7 Sensor + To RTD
8 Sensor - To RTD
13 Interlock Send N/C
15 Interlock return N/C
  • I hooked up each cable to the respective ovens, and followed the 3040 manuals instructions to do a "RTD Null" calibration - this is just calibrating out wire resistance for some display number, I am unsure if this does anything to the servo
  • I noticed one of the temperature controllers did not servo the two displayed temperatures together
    • Under Menu > System > Calibration > Set T Null ; doing the forward arrow twice changed this to null displayed temperature
  • Both ovens now seem to be servoing the temperature to the setpoint.

Next - Figure out how to set these crappy temperature controllers up so that they are less crappy-

  • It seems I have about 10 Proportional gain settings, but....
  • I have NO Intergral gain setting, just a "slow" and "fast" setting, which seems to be the low frequency pole of the integrator according to the manual.
  • Yes, that's correct, it seems like I can only move the integral pole between two frequencies, and am not allowed to change the gain.
  • I shall explore this 20 item parameter space later.


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