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Entry  Wed May 5 18:14:42 2010, Dmass, Laser, Doubling, Massive Update plottedApr20Phase.pdf
    Reply  Wed May 19 19:33:55 2010, Dmass, Laser, Doubling, More Update Plotted14Phase.pdfplotted16RIN.pdfPlotted14Volts.pdfplotted16Volts.pdf
    Reply  Wed May 19 19:54:40 2010, Dmass, Laser, Doubling, Massive Update MZPhaseLowAvg.pdf
Message ID: 779     Entry time: Wed May 19 19:54:40 2010     In reply to: 750
Author: Dmass 
Type: Laser 
Category: Doubling 
Subject: Massive Update 

And here is a newer spectrum.

I am having "transient problems". On a 30 - 100 second time scale, I have glitches which pop my spectrum up by about an order of magnitude in most of my measurement band.

  • I was able to capture a spectrum of ~6 averages with no transient glitch by taking many many spectra.
  • I have no "real" reason to believe that this is not somehow coming from my crystals, so I am wary of ignoring it
  • I also noticed <link later post> that my green noise level has some strange behavior originating in the electronics box I built
  • This is at the 3*10^-18 level in rms. I can buy another factor of two here if I did subtraction above 10 Hz, but the low frequency stuff is the other half, and (I think that it) isn't coherent between IR / Green
  • This was taken with the Agilent 35670A
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