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Entry  Sat May 8 01:08:42 2010, Frank, Computing, DAQ, fb0 fixed 
    Reply  Wed May 12 23:20:38 2010, Dmass, Computing, DAQ, fb0 fixed 
Message ID: 774     Entry time: Wed May 12 23:20:38 2010     In reply to: 761
Author: Dmass 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: fb0 fixed 


someone removed the network connector from fb0. My guess is that that happened by accident the last time someone moved the rack. fb0 is not mounted in the rack right now so the main network cable is a bit short. If the rack is moved to far you kill the main network connection by pulling the plug. This of course kills the computer as the RT core and the frontend code is mounted using nfs located on fb1. Same for doing simple commands like ls. The system stops working as soon as you try to access data from a mounted nfs directory which doesn't exist anymore. After reconnecting the network everything was fine. However in order to avoid problems i rebooted the machine...Both frontend codes, atf and psl are back online...

 FB0 woes:

Trying to get FB0 back up. The cleaning today seems to have borked it somewhat. I guess it got unplugged / shutdown improperly?

Currently on house N of the thing trying to reboot.

Errors are in sdc1. It periodically comes up and says somethign about the inodes being bad. So far:

"Too many illegal blocks in inode _____"

Clear inode<y>?


Illegal block #X in node Y. CLEARED

and back again to

/dev/dsc1 contains a file syste3m with errors, check forced.


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