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Entry  Tue Apr 20 22:33:59 2010, Frank, Computing, DAQ, fb0 up again and working 
    Reply  Fri May 7 14:39:01 2010, Dmass, Computing, DAQ, fb0 up again and working 
Message ID: 757     Entry time: Fri May 7 14:39:01 2010     In reply to: 733
Author: Dmass 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: fb0 up again and working 


made all changes and fb0 is now up again and working. I didn't check everything in detail but all processes are running. I got data using dataviewer and the framebuilder is writing data to the disk. Didn't test DTT but testpoint manager process is running, awg too.

There are two models running on fb0 right now, ATF and PSL. ATF is running on cpu1, PSL on cpu2. the OS is running on cpu 0+3.
We still have to make slightly changes to the ATF model in order to specify the card id's, node id's and cpu, so that everyone can see which parameters we have to set or where we have to be careful when changing things. I will post a detailed example later...


Have we made any changes since then?

I tried to ssh into fb0, and ws1 doesn't see it. I can login to fb0 via the keyboard on the rack, but it froze when I did an "ls". I don't know if I was not supposed to do that for some silly reason.

I have yet to be able to use fb0 since the crashes started (maybe a month ago?)

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