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Entry  Wed Apr 28 15:39:45 2010, Zach, Lab Infrastructure, General, marking remaining holes 
    Reply  Wed Apr 28 19:07:07 2010, Frank, Lab Infrastructure, General, marking remaining holes 
Message ID: 743     Entry time: Wed Apr 28 19:07:07 2010     In reply to: 742
Author: Frank 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: General 
Subject: marking remaining holes 


I finally found a Sharpie that is not red or black; it is blue. I am happy to do the marking tomorrow morning (I am going to the 40m after class). If someone wants to do it this evening, the blue Sharpie is at my desk by the phone.

 i started marking the remaining ones using a GREEN dry erase marker we had in the lab. As the leaks are hard to see even if marked (the big ones were the ones on top of the ducts), i marked them with green arrows which point into the direction and which one can see without climbing. Maybe someone could check if i missed one...

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