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Entry  Tue Apr 1 20:50:37 2008, Dmass, Laser, EOM, Transfer Function EOM_PD_xsfer.jpgHFlogxsfer.jpgHFxsfer.jpg
    Reply  Thu Apr 3 17:56:35 2008, Dmass, Laser, EOM, Transfer Function EOMPMCTF.png
Message ID: 40     Entry time: Tue Apr 1 20:50:37 2008     Reply to this: 41
Author: Dmass 
Type: Laser 
Category: EOM 
Subject: Transfer Function 
(With Stefan's help) I took the transfer function between the EOM of the PSL, and the Photodiode on the PMC's reflected light. We looked at the lower frequency as well with another analyzer (up to 50 MHz).

The very low frequency features seem to be junk, and we can see what looks like ~f in the low frequency transfer function.

In the higher frequency range, there seem to be resonances corresponding to a FSR of about 22 MHz (long.) starting around 11 MHz. The low end seems to behave as expected, and go as frequency. (Note that the units on the non-log bottom plot are in x10^7 Hz)
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