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Entry  Thu Jun 2 10:28:26 2022, Yehonathan, Update, WOPO, Installing 1811 PDs 
    Reply  Wed Jul 20 15:55:41 2022, Yehonathan, Update, WOPO, Installing 1811 PDs Diabolo_Current_Power_at_PDs.png
       Reply  Tue Aug 23 22:23:06 2022, awade, Update, WOPO, Installing 1811 PDs 
Message ID: 2800     Entry time: Tue Aug 23 22:23:06 2022     In reply to: 2796
Author: awade 
Type: Update 
Category: WOPO 
Subject: Installing 1811 PDs 

I recall at one point we had one of these NF1811 with a broken power suply pin.  It was from a limited production run with the smaller micro 3-pin power connectors. Maybe check yours is not that one.  

Long story short it still responded with only the positive rail but DC will gave a bad photovoltaic mode response and the AC had a large unstable oscillation that was only viewable on a high speed scope (if I recall right higher than the 125 MHz nominal bandwidth).  I would check the power-in pins aren't bent/broken and also check the AC out on a higher speed scope (i.e. >=500 MHz).

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