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Message ID: 2795     Entry time: Mon Jul 18 11:02:50 2022
Author: Radhika 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Emissivity estimation 
Subject: Plan for this week 

[Stephen, Clare, Hiya, Radhika]

We started a cooldown on Thursday with an undoped Si wafer in Megastat [2794]. The chamber does not have the Maglite flashlight installed, due to struggles with soldering the ground wire to the aluminum surface of the flashlight. We decided to pivot to drilling a hole in the aluminum, wrapping the ground wire through and around, and then applying solder to the joint. This will be completed by next week.


  • Order new RTDs [done]
  • Order new heater to aid in chamber warmup (not for actuating on wafer) [Stephen]
  • Calibrate new RTDs in an ice bath and LN2 bath [Hiya, Clare]
  • Finalize aluminum sheet design [Stephen]
  • Finalize baseplate design [Stephen]
  • Drill hole in Maglite to solder ground wire [Stephen, if time]
  • Continue optimal excitation analysis [Hiya]
  • Finalize final report abstract [Hiya]
  • Continue MCMC model development [Clare]

These tasks will ideally lead up to a Si wafer cooldown next week with optimal heat excitation and with an RTD re-installed on the cold head, and potentially with the finalized baseplate and aquadag-coated Al sheet on the cold plate. It is with this cooldown that we can start to estimate the sample’s emissivity, first with least-squares fitting and eventually with MCMC analysis.

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