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Message ID: 2786     Entry time: Tue Jun 21 10:35:15 2022
Author: Clare Nelle 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Emissivity estimation 
Subject: RTD Calibration  

RTD Calibration Plan Developed on 16-06-2022:

  1. Prepare an ice bath and liquid nitrogen bath to calibrate the RTD.

    1. Ice bath: fill cup (?) with ice. Fill with water until 2 inches below the top of the ice. Let sit for 2 minutes before calibration. 

  2. We will use a DMM to measure the resistance across the leads. Right now, we are thinking that we will connect the leads to the resistor using alligator clips or solder them together.

  3. Use linear fit to calibrate the RTD value as a function of resistance using these two reference values. 

  4. Repeat for all three RTDs


  1. Q: What is the tolerance of the resistor?

    1. 100 ohm +/- .06%. Means that our calculation if done correctly will be between 99.4 → 100.6 ohms in the ice bath. Our RTD is class A, which has tolerance +/- .15 degrees. Pt-100 SHOULD be 100 ohms at 0C – the temp changes linearly.

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