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Message ID: 2756     Entry time: Fri Apr 15 13:30:41 2022
Author: Radhika 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: CDS 
Subject: CTC100 for Megastat not responding to Telnet 

[Radhika, Chris, Ian, Paco]

There are two CTC100s in QIL, so we will use the following nicknames:

CTCMS: CTC100 recording channels from Megastat

CTC: CTC100 recording channels from IR labs dewar (for PD testing)

After observing that the CTCMS channels were stale / not updating, I tried restarting CTC100.service on qil-nfs. After this, the channel values were blank. Chris then looked into the logs and saw lines such as:

CTCMS C4:CTC-MS_WORKPIECE_TEMP_VAL: No reply from device within 1000 ms

CTCMS was not responding to queries, so I killed CTC100.service so I could manually connect to the device via telnet. The connection was made successfully, but CTCMS was not responding to any commands. I then tried connecting to CTC (the other CTC100 for PD testing) and was able to get responses from it. The commands I sent were:

popup "hello"  #creates a pop-up on the CTC100 front panel with text "hello".
*IDN? #returns a string with format: Manufacturer, Model number, serial number, version.

After verifying I was connecting to the right IP and port, Ian and I swapped the ethernet cables plugged into both CTC100 devices and resent the commands. Sure enough, CTC continued responding to queries and CTCMS did not. Since the behavior of the devices didn't change when every connection downstream was swapped, it seems the issue lies somewhere within CTCMS. The configurations might have changed after the device was powered off during flooding, or it was somehow damaged. However, CTCMS is recording data properly and logging to USB, so the issue seems to be elusive.

Paco suggested I update the firmware on CTCMS to ensure it is up-to-date. I emailed Stanford Research Systems with a description of our issue, and requested the updated firmware. I can install the firmware via USB once they get back to me, and/or they might have some ideas of why the device is not responsive. In the meantime, someone more experienced with the CTC100 might want to take a look for signs of damage.


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