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Entry  Fri Apr 8 17:34:10 2022, Stephen, DailyProgress, Cryo vacuum chamber, Cooldown started, two copper bars; manual logging. 
    Reply  Fri Apr 15 11:44:41 2022, Radhika, DailyProgress, Cryo vacuum chamber, Cooldown started, two copper bars; manual logging. 
Message ID: 2755     Entry time: Fri Apr 15 11:44:41 2022     In reply to: 2753
Author: Radhika 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Cryo vacuum chamber 
Subject: Cooldown started, two copper bars; manual logging. 

Since the heater seems to not be functional once again (displaying N/A and no power output), I proceeded to turn off the cryocooler so the chamber can warm up over the weekend. Cryocooler was turned off at 11:20am 4/15.

The USB logging from cooldown was extremely buggy, with loads of special characters embedded in the temperature data. After filtering out the corrupted values and plotting, the data still looked jumpy and not reflective of the true temperatures. I can work to further filter/treat the data to be able to use for the model, but we might be better off rerunning this cooldown.

I reformatted the USB (MS-DOS FAT16) and reinserted it into the CTC100 to collect warmup data, but a popup appeared saying the USB was not able to record data. I swapped it out for another USB that I similarly reformatted, and the device accepted it. I remember having issues with the original USB in the past, so I'm hoping the swap fixes the corrupted data issue.

**Update: I extracted a bit of data with the new USB, and it looks pristine! I reinserted it to continue to log warmup data. I'm disposing of the old one.


Restart, without vacuum incursion, of cooldown from QIL/2749. Hopefully we pull data this time, via manual logging while Radhika and Chris figure out how to get the channels uploading again.

 - Cryocooler on at ~2:30 pm with Workpiece Temp ~ 250 K.

 - Datalogging didn't start till ~5:40 pm because I forgot that manual logging was necessary!


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