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Entry  Wed Aug 19 09:42:38 2009, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, Overflows: PMC PZT output in the billions of counts ... burtrestore issue? Screenshot.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 19 11:20:03 2009, rob, Computing, DAQ, billions flower.png
Message ID: 275     Entry time: Wed Aug 19 11:20:03 2009     In reply to: 274
Author: rob 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: billions 


Came in and found the PMC_PZT output trying to deliver an obscenely large number of counts to the DAC.

Not really sure where the issue is coming from - looks like the filters in the attached module. Anyway, just set a limit on what that module can output for the time being. Will leave this one for DMass to figure out.

Frank was talking about rebooting the frame builder last night. That shouldn't have affected the front end though. But if we do want to reboot the front end will all our settings be saved and restored automatically?



Filt 1 integrates.

Infinite gain at DC.

There's constant input.

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