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Message ID: 2696     Entry time: Fri Nov 19 09:36:52 2021
Author: Anchal 
Type: Misc 
Category: Equipment transfer 
Subject: Borrowing two 2" optics 

I came and looked around for a Y1S HR coated 2" optic. I found two ATFilms labeled optics with information of only their substrate. The coating info is encoded in the run# but I could not find a place for what it means. So I'm gonna take these and measure the transmission in 40m.

  • 2"x.375" thk FS, HR/AR @ 1064, Run #'s: V6-704 & V6-705
  • 2" x 0.375" PL/PL Run #'s: V2-2239 & V2-2242
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