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Message ID: 2592     Entry time: Wed Jun 23 15:03:12 2021
Author: Ian MacMillan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Testing DAC2ADC code 

I brought DAC2ADC_test.py code from the 40m to test in the QIL. I added a parser arg for the matrix root name (see attached code). I am running into the same problem as I did at the 40m where the channels seem to be locked to their values. I attached (attachment 2) the results text file that shows that for all inputs the outputs are the same. In the GDS screen the ADC is in red but I'm not sure how it got there or how to fix it.

run the test with these commands in the QIL

 $  cd IanMacMillan
 $  python DAC2ADC_Test.py -e 'C4:TST' -m 'cdsMuxMatrix'

One improvement that we could make to the code is have it zero out all of the matrix elements before it starts.

Attachment 1: QIL_CDS_TEST.tar.gz  2 kB  Uploaded Fri Jul 9 13:18:50 2021
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