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Message ID: 2583     Entry time: Tue Jun 8 12:58:40 2021
Author: Stephen 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Cryo vacuum chamber 
Subject: Maximum power for temperature actuation 

Quick log establishing the maximum power for our thermal actuation:

Heater: HSA25100RJ from TE, unknown sourcing. Acetone wiping cleaned off p/n and markings from body, should engrave at next opportunity, but [Attachment 1] from many months ago shows the p/n. Note that this is not the current mounting configuration - [Attachment 2] is more similar to current mounting. Anyway, according to the datasheet (now added to the QIL wiki at Documentation > Manuals) this heater is rated for 25W and has a resistance of 100Ω.

Leads: unknown, and not super important unless we had tiny hair conductor - I am not in lab presently, but it appears from our connector (Lesker FTACIR19AC) that we must have 20-24 AWG,

Carrying the 7, the current through the Heater will be 0.25 A at max actuation, and the 20-24 AWG insulated copper leads will have plenty of ampacity for this load (plus, they are cooled, so normal current capacity considerations fly out the window a bit).

Conclusion: 25W actuation will be the limit that we will apply in the CTC100 temperature actuation routine.

From first trials yesterday, the response at ~20W (at starting temperatures around 80K) appears to be on the order of 1 degree per minute, which should be just fine for actuating to maintain a +/-  1 degree constant setpoint with static thermal loads. More to follow on trials implementing temperature control.

Note that the QIL Wiki points to the DCC (which contains a budget that was helpful resources to trace these purchases), the datasheets and other documentation, and also points to the QIL Cryo Vacuum Chamber photo album, which hosts the images below.

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Attachment 2: IMG_8745.JPG  3.131 MB  Uploaded Tue Jun 8 14:37:08 2021  | Hide | Hide all
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