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Message ID: 2573     Entry time: Fri May 21 11:15:12 2021
Author: Stephen 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Cryo vacuum chamber 
Subject: Troubleshooting cryocooler - power cable not plugged in 

[Radhika, Stephen remote]

After leaving the cryocooler's compressor running overnight, Radhika found all RTDs reporting room temperature. The noises coming from the compressor were normal, and all operating conditions were consistent with QIL/2504. However, the cryocooler was silent (valve motor not starting).

It turned out that the cryocooler power cable, unplugged during installation efforts (pictured below), had not been reattached. After turning off the compressor, plugging in the power cable, and turning on the compressor, the cryocooler began making normal noises and apparently operating normally. Radhika reformatted the USB drive collecting data from the temperature controller. 

Cooldown began at 1:45pm today (Friday). We will check in again on Monday.

During these troubleshooting efforts, we referred to the Cryocooler and Compressor manuals, found at the QIL Cryo Vacuum Chamber Wiki.

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