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Message ID: 2546     Entry time: Wed Mar 31 11:06:53 2021
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Cymacs 
Subject: Rebuilding the Cymacs software to compile models 

[Aidan, Jon, Chris W, Ian]

Summary: We rebuilt the Cymacs C4TST today to get FM31_OUT into frames

Main points: 

  • Had to mount fb4 epics/simLink directory with CDS_PARTS onto QIL-WS2 (only machine with Simulink)
    • Had to make this directory viewable on other machines by editing the /etc/exports file on FB4
    • Had to update the /etc/fstab file on QIL-WS2 to give it the location of the new directory
    • Had to manually mount the directoy on QIL-WS2 to avoid rebooting machine to achieve this (reboot will automatically mount the drive)
  • C4TST model would not compile on FB4. Issue was two-fold:
    • Compilation was done in wrong build directory
    • Compilation was done using sudo
  • To fix this, we had to clean up the compilation files from the failed sudo efforts
    • sudo make clean-c4tst was run (didn't completely solve problem)
    • Removed /usr/share/advligorts/src/src/include/c4tst* using sudo
  • Once the old compiles were cleaned up, we could compile models (not as sudo) in /opt/rtcds/rtbuild/
  • Ran the following commands to manually restart the models (ignore the line numbers)
 1982  sudo /sbin/rmmod c4tst c4iop 
 1983  cd /opt/rtcds/caltech/c4/target/c4iop/scripts/
 1984  ./startupC4rt 
 1985  cd ../../c4tst/scripts/
 1986  ./startupC4rt
 1987  systemctl start rts-awgtpman@c4iop.service
 1988  cd .././../
 1989  ls
 1990  cd gds
 1991  ls
 1992  cd awgtpman_startup/
 1993  ls
 1994  ./awgtpman_c4iop.cmd 
 1995  ./awgtpman_c4tst.cmd 
 1996  systemctl restart daqd@standiop.service
 1997  systemctl
 1998  systemctl status daqd@standiop.service
 1999  systemctl stop daqd@standiop.service
 2000  sudo systemctl restart daqd@standiop.service

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