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Message ID: 2544     Entry time: Thu Mar 25 12:28:19 2021
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Cymacs 
Subject: DAC channels not outputting voltages 

Noticed that the DAC channels were not producing a corresponding output in the real world (I changed the Laser Current FM12 value and got not corresponding change on the laser diode driver display).

Sent the following to Chris: "Can you log into the QIL FB4 workstation to see if there is an issue with the DAC? I restarted the C4TST model last week and I don’t seem to have working DAC outputs anymore. The ADC channels still work and the model appears to be running. It just seems that I can’t output any voltages."

After observing that the "DK" (DACKILL) bit in the state word on the IOP status screen was red, the resolution to this was to restart the IOP and TST models.

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