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Message ID: 2536     Entry time: Wed Mar 10 17:20:26 2021
Author: Aidan 
Type: Update 
Category: 2um Photodiodes 
Subject: Pumped chamber down briefly - connected vacuum gauge to the computer 
  • I updated the SR560 settings for the AC Photodiode readout going into the ADC. They're now: AC coupled input, 2000x gain, low noise, 10kHz pole
  • Updated the "undoSR560" filterbank for the FM31 input channel to undo the SR560 settings (zpk([0.15], [0], 7.5E-5)
  • Unhooked oscilloscope from AC channel and switched SR560 to battery mode - no change in recorded spectra. I think I need to run the FEMTO preamp from a battery pack
  • Hooked up the pumping station to the chamber and went through the pumping cycle described below. No major issues.
  • Turned on the MKS vacuum gauge and hooked it into the serial port of QIL-WS1 to readback the vacuum pressure onto the DAQ. I want to transfer this across to QIl-NFS but there are no serial ports on that machine - will have to get a USB-Serial converter.
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