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Entry  Mon Apr 6 18:35:48 2020, Koji, Summary, General, West Bridge flooding Apr 6th image2.jpegimage1.jpeg
    Reply  Mon Apr 6 18:38:50 2020, Koji, Update, General, West Bridge flooding Apr 6th 15x
       Reply  Mon Apr 6 19:01:21 2020, Koji, Update, General, West Bridge flooding Apr 6th 20200406151420_IMG_9653.jpg20200406151428_IMG_9654.jpg20200406151459_IMG_9655.jpg20200406151633_IMG_9656.jpg20200406151709_IMG_9658.jpg
Message ID: 2491     Entry time: Mon Apr 6 18:35:48 2020     Reply to this: 2492
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: West Bridge flooding Apr 6th 

West Bridge flooding Apr 6th due to rain in the night

Looks like the first responder was Calum. The attached photos were sent from him.


Attachment 1: image2.jpeg  1.005 MB  Uploaded Mon Apr 6 19:37:18 2020  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: image1.jpeg  706 kB  Uploaded Mon Apr 6 19:37:51 2020  | Hide | Hide all
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