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Entry  Mon Feb 24 18:41:06 2020, Raymond, Lab Infrastructure, HVAC, Table Shielding for 2020-02-25 HVAC repairs QIL_HVACshielding1_2020-02-24.JPGQIL_HVACshielding2_2020-02-24.JPGQIL_HVACshielding3_2020-02-24.JPGQIL_HVACshielding4_2020-02-24.JPG
    Reply  Tue Feb 25 15:12:22 2020, Raymond, Chris, Koji, Chub, Aidan, Lab Infrastructure, HVAC, HVAC work concluded for today 
       Reply  Mon Mar 9 13:13:02 2020, Koji, Lab Infrastructure, HVAC, HVAC work concluded for today 
Message ID: 2487     Entry time: Tue Feb 25 15:12:22 2020     In reply to: 2486     Reply to this: 2490
Author: Raymond, Chris, Koji, Chub, Aidan 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: HVAC 
Subject: HVAC work concluded for today 

Facilities workers replumbed the water lines feeding the air handler units in the QIL. Tomorrow they plan to come back for about an hour to insulate the lines. We'll keep the tables wrapped up until that's complete.

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