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Entry  Mon Dec 9 14:03:52 2019, Chris, DailyProgress, PD QE, Toward PD testing automation 
    Reply  Mon Dec 9 14:45:45 2019, Koji, DailyProgress, PD QE, Toward PD testing automation 
Message ID: 2472     Entry time: Mon Dec 9 14:03:52 2019     Reply to this: 2473
Author: Chris 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PD QE 
Subject: Toward PD testing automation 
  • A Keithley 2450 source meter will be used to measure QE and dark current vs bias.  It is on the QIL network as  A command interface is available via telnet for running measurements and grabbing data.
  • A FEMTO transimpedance amp and SR785 will be used to take dark noise spectra, with bias supplied by a DAC channel filtered by an SR560.  The 785 is on the QIL network as, and the usual GPIB scripts should be sufficient.
  • A relay has been installed to control the switching between the Keithley and SR785 readouts.
  • BNC cables and breakouts connect the electronics on the table with the cymac (see table below for the channel assignments at the moment).
Cymac channel Assignment
ADC 29 Reference PD out
ADC 30 TED200C temperature out
ADC 31 ITC510 TEC temperature out
DAC 12 LDC201C laser current ctrl
DAC 13 SR560 (PD bias control for dark noise measurement)
DAC 14 ITC510 TEC temperature tune
DAC 15 Relay control (0 ct = Keithley, 30k ct = SR785)

Note: in the preceding table, channel numbers use the digital convention (numbered starting from zero), which is not the convention used by the AA/AI chassis front panel (numbered starting from one).

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