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Entry  Mon Sep 23 10:49:27 2019, Koji, Summary, PD QE, QE and dark current of InAsSb sensors InAsSb_QE.pdfInAsSb_DarkCurrent.pdf190921_SbPD_QE.zip
    Reply  Wed Sep 25 01:05:30 2019, Koji, Summary, PD QE, QE and dark current of InAsSb sensors P_20190924_233507_vHDR_On.jpgP_20190925_003614_vHDR_On.jpgInAsSb_QE.pdfInAsSb_DarkCurrent.pdf
       Reply  Thu Dec 5 13:50:59 2019, Koji, Summary, PD QE, Dark current measurement with the sourcemeter InAsSb_DarkCurrent_markedup.pdf
Message ID: 2468     Entry time: Thu Dec 5 13:50:59 2019     In reply to: 2425
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: PD QE 
Subject: Dark current measurement with the sourcemeter 

I borrowed KEITHLEY 2450 source meter from Rich. The unit comes with special coaxial cables and banana clips. Most of the peripherals are evacuated in the OMC lab.

The dark current of A2P2, A2P3, A2P6 were measure with different temperatures (300K, 270K, 254K). The plot combined with the previous measurement ELOG QIL 2425.

== How to use the source meter ==

- Two-wire mode: Connect the wires to the diode

- Over voltage protection: [MENU] button -> SOURCE / SETTINGS->Over Voltage Protectiuon 2V

- Sweep setting: [MENU] button -> SOURCE / SWEEP -> e.g. Start -750mV, Stop +500mV, Step 10mV, Source Limit 1mA -> Select Generate

- Graph View: [MENU] button -> VIEWS / GRAPH

- Start measurement: Note: The response of [TRIGGER] button is not good. You need to push hard
  This starts the sweep, or a menu shows up if your push is too long -> Select "Initiate ..."

- Data Saving: [MENU] button -> MEASURE / READING BUFFERS -> Save to a USB stick

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