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Message ID: 2442     Entry time: Mon Nov 11 22:19:09 2019
Author: Raymond 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Cryo vacuum chamber 
Subject: Changes to preserve long strap for internal chamber use 

I've attached a photo of some changes to the cryocooler-tank connection design. We can save money and space by removing the 45 degree 1.33" conflat ports from the custom CH104 to 6" conflat adapter and using zero length conflat reducers at the unused 4 way cross ports, ie replace the 4-way piece blanks with holes for the vacuum line and gauge. The primary goal for these changes is to shorten the path from the cooler's heat station to the tank so that we keep the long thermal strap for use inside the tank. Also, the height is reduced from 89 cm to 59 cm.

A slightly different cupper adapter is needed to accomodate the thick strap, but no adapter will be needed anymore between the heat station and the thermal strap (same diameter round mates(new holes will need to be drilled though)).

Attachment 1: ShortAdapter.png  132 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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