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Message ID: 2435     Entry time: Mon Oct 21 17:07:17 2019
Author: Chris 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Cryo vacuum chamber 
Subject: Cryo chamber vacuum pressure logging 

Ever since the initial pumpdown the pressure in the new cryo chamber has been stuck at ~6e-6 torr, so there's probably a small leak.

Our vacuum gauge controller has a serial communications port, which we can use to log the system pressure to aid in leak hunting. It's connected now to an unused port on fb4. A small python-based epics server queries the pressure gauges and makes the data available as two epics channels, C4:VAC-CRYO_PRES_P1 (wide range gauge) and C4:VAC-CRYO_PRES_P2 (ion gauge). These are recorded by the framebuilder. The script is stored under ~controls/services on fb4 and should start automatically on reboot.

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