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Message ID: 2426     Entry time: Thu Sep 26 18:05:31 2019
Author: Duo 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Subject: Cryo cooler and pump test run 

[Chris, Duo]
We tested the cryo cooler and the turbo pump this afternoon. We ran the cryo cooler for two hours. The equalization pressure is 275psi(the pressure before we turn it on) and operating pressure (pressure after running for two hours) is 295psi(attachment 1). The operating pressure is lower than expected; the manual indicates the pressure is expected to be 300-320psi.

We cycled the turbo pump. It appears to be functioning properly.

Attachment 1: IMG_0990.jpg  783 kB  Uploaded Thu Sep 26 19:19:19 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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