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Entry  Tue Sep 3 16:47:08 2019, Duo, Lab Infrastructure, , QIL lab floor plan qilfloor.pdf
    Reply  Wed Sep 4 22:14:12 2019, rana, Lab Infrastructure, , QIL lab floor plan 
Message ID: 2414     Entry time: Tue Sep 3 16:47:08 2019     Reply to this: 2415
Author: Duo 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Subject: QIL lab floor plan 

We plan to set up the big cryostat in the QIL lab. We make a plan on how to use the space in this area.

We have these items related to this experiment: the chamber, the compressor, the pump and the crane. The crane is used to lift the lid of the chamber when we open it. 

The chamber sits on the table, its diameter is about 2'4''. We put it at the corner of the table, giving us more accessible space around it.

The compressor is used to cool the system. It is connected to the chamber via the coldhead so we will need a small table to hold the coldhead at the output of the chamber.

The pump has two parts: rough pump and turbo pump. Rough pump has more noise so we put it under the table. The turbo pump is connected to the chamber and we need a stand for that too.

The current plan for the crane is that we want to screw the crane onto the floor. We do not have space for a big crane base.


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