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Message ID: 2370     Entry time: Mon Jul 15 19:02:21 2019
Author: Jon 
Type: Computing 
Category: Cymacs 
Subject: Cymac RTS Environment Set Up 

Chris and I set up the LIGO RTS environment on the QIL cymac, using code copied from the cryolab cymac. Specifically, the script /opt/rtcds/rtcds-user-env.sh was edited to match the cryolab version and added to the /home/controls/.bashrc file. We also downloaded a copy of the CDS user apps SVN to /opt/rtcds/userapps/release. Tools like dataviewer and ndscope now work on the cymac (fb4:

Our plan is to set up a network drive on a third machine to host the /opt/rtcds directory currently located on the cymac. This way, the directory can be shared with any number of workstations as well as the cymac itself, and the NFS mounts will be unaffected by frequent reboots of the cymac.

I also unsuccessfully attempted to diagnose the race condition that occurs between all the RTS services on boot. Right now the services all start correctly only about 1/3 of the time. I tried setting the order that the services are started and adding a 15-second delay after each service start. However, this did not make things become deterministic.

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