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Entry  Wed Jun 26 11:45:09 2019, Koji, Summary, 2micronLasers, 2um PD transimpedance PD_model.pdfAMP2_Noise.pdfAMP_Noises.pdfPD_noise.pdfPD_TF.pdf
    Reply  Mon Jul 1 21:20:55 2019, Koji, Summary, 2micronLasers, The PDs delivered to the lab 
Message ID: 2368     Entry time: Mon Jul 1 21:20:55 2019     In reply to: 2366
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: 2micronLasers 
Subject: The PDs delivered to the lab 

The amplifier sets for the thorlabs 2um PDs were delivered to the lab.

- PD1 and Amp1, PD2 and Amp2 are the proper combination. If a high quality power supply is used, it is not an issue.
- The cables for the external bench supply or the 9V batteries have been made.

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