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Entry  Sat May 18 22:25:30 2019, Anjali, Update, 2micronLasers, Characterization of new detector setup.pngbeat_note.pdfNoise_floor.pdf
    Reply  Thu May 23 02:53:19 2019, Anjali, Update, 2micronLasers, Characterization of new detector 
Message ID: 2350     Entry time: Thu May 23 02:53:19 2019     In reply to: 2346
Author: Anjali 
Type: Update 
Category: 2micronLasers 
Subject: Characterization of new detector 

FC/UPC to FC/APC patch cord has arrived. I repeated the DC characterisation of the photodetector with this patchcord. The couping is improving by about 2 dB (Table below shws the result)

Laser diode current (mA) Input power (mW) Output voltage (mv)
50 0.5 11
70 0.9 20.7
90 1.3 30.3

In this case, the input power was measured after the isolator.The power to voltage conversion is linear. The voltage levels are very low because this is a non-amplified detector. Also, the detector is coupled to a FC/UPC patch cord and we have all FC/APC fiber connectors. So, there could be some coupling loss from FC/APC to FC/UPC. FC/APC to FC/UPC conversion patch cord is ordered. We can check the performance again after it is arrived.

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