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Entry  Tue Apr 30 19:52:14 2019, awade, Howto, WOPO, Configuring Zurich box server 
    Reply  Thu May 16 16:52:46 2019, awade, Howto, WOPO, Zurich box python access ZurichPythonAccess_MWE.zip
Message ID: 2345     Entry time: Thu May 16 16:52:46 2019     In reply to: 2331
Author: awade 
Type: Howto 
Category: WOPO 
Subject: Zurich box python access 

The Zurich box can also be accessed via a python API.  Its a little bit opaque in some points on how this works as their documentation is a little thin on actual examples.  I've included a jupyter notebook and equivalent .py file for future reference.  This code is tested and has worked with the Zurich box data server at IP address  It shows exactly how settings can be modified and how data can be read back using their poll command.

Notebook includes all instructions for setting the Zurich HF2LI box up from scratch. 


Attachment 1: ZurichPythonAccess_MWE.zip  14 kB  Uploaded Thu May 16 19:33:55 2019
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