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Message ID: 2337     Entry time: Fri May 10 13:54:28 2019
Author: Jon 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Cymacs 
Subject: QIL cymac installed in rack, passes loopback testing 

After a bit more debugging, Chris and I determined the RTS software was fully functional. At this point I moved all the cymac hardware from underneath the ws2 desk to the neighboring server rack. I permanently mounted the linux machine, fb4, and the anti-alias and anti-image chassis (pictured). Installing fb4 required removing an existing machine, fb1, which Chris and Andrew confirmed is not in current use. For now fb1 is sitting against the wall near the rack, as we may be able to repurpose it. The rest of the hardware is connected temporarily for testing while we await a few remaining cables, etc. (more on this below).

I performed a simple loopback test on the cymac input/output channels. I set a large DC offset (10k counts) in one DAC channel at a time, connected this signal to an input ADC channel, and measured the input channel response. All 16 DAC channels and all 32 ADC channels were confirmed to drive/sense the signal, and in every case the ADC gain was found to be identical: 0.38 counts/count.

There are still a few items to wrap up the installation:

  • [Jon] Create a sitemap MEDM screen
  • [Chub] Two 5' SMB-BNC cables, for connecting the timing reference to the adapter boards. The ones in use now are poor-quality. Chub has already ordered these cables.
  • [Chub] Two backplates for the D060060/D060061 adapter boards, to let them mount in the computer chassis like a PCIe card
  • [Chub] Install a long BNC cable between the cryolab and ATF server racks, for delivering the 10 MHz GPS timing reference. Chub and I walked through the labs this week and determined the cable route and required length.
  • [Chub] +/-15V rackmount power suppy, to replace the bench supply currently power the AA and AI chassis
  • [Chris, Jon] Configure the framebuilder functionality
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