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Message ID: 2336     Entry time: Tue May 7 19:39:39 2019
Author: Jon 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Cymacs 
Subject: User model set up on QIL cymac  

This afternoon I set up a user model on the QIL cymac (fb4), which appears to be running. It required the following steps.

First I created a simple SimuLink model of the signal flow from the one ADC card to the one DAC card (pictured below). The 32 input channels from the ADC are each routed through a standard LIGO filter module (10 IIR filter slots, ramped gain, and test/excitation points). From there the 32 conditioned signals are routed into an output matrix constructing the 16 output signals to the DAC. I saved this model to /opt/rtcds/userapps/local/c4tst.mdl.

Next I compiled the model and installed the build files to the RTS target directories:

$ cd /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release
$ make CC=gcc-4.4 c4tst
$ make CC=gcc-4.4 install-c4tst

Finally I started the new model services and enabled them to auto-start on boot.

$ sudo systemctl start rts@c4tst.target
$ sudo systemctl enable rts@c4tst.target

The cymac I/O has not yet been tested.

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