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Entry  Sun May 5 15:17:33 2019, Anjali, Noise Budget, 2micronLasers, Frequency noise measurement of 2 micron source schmeatic_heterodyne.pngNoise_budget_modified.pdf
    Reply  Sun May 5 20:52:16 2019, rana, Noise Budget, 2micronLasers, Frequency noise measurement of 2 micron source 
Message ID: 2333     Entry time: Sun May 5 15:17:33 2019     Reply to this: 2334
Author: Anjali 
Type: Noise Budget 
Category: 2micronLasers 
Subject: Frequency noise measurement of 2 micron source 

We are going to start the heterodyne configuration for the frequency noise measurement of 2 micron laser source. The schematic of the same is shown in attachment #1. The initial plan was to separate the photodetector output to in phase , quadrature component and then extract the frequency noise information from the same. The new plan suggested is to use a phase locked loop for the demodulation part. We can use IFR Marconi 2023A as a VCO and SR560 as the amplifier. The RF generator for the AOM and the VCO need to be locked through Rubidium frequency standard (FS725). One of the issues is that the band width of the photodetector that we have is 14 MHz and the AOM is at 80 MHz. The response of photodetector at 80 MHz is about 20 % of that at DC.I have modified the noise budget after discussing with Anchal. Attachment #2 shows the noise budget. The Marconi data is taken from Anchal. The data plotted in attachment #2 corresponds to Marconi #539 at 48 MHz and actuation slope of 500 Hz. We may have to find the actual numbers based on our settings for the experiment.  From the data sheet, the input noise of SR 560 is 4nV/rtHz. The frequency mixer (Minicircuit ZAD-1-1+) has a conversion loss of 4.83 dB and the thermal noise of it is not given in the data sheet and thus it is not included in the noise budget. The length of the fiber considered for MZI is 10 m.


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Attachment 2: Noise_budget_modified.pdf  61 kB  Uploaded Mon May 6 12:48:43 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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