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Message ID: 2332     Entry time: Wed May 1 14:34:53 2019
Author: awade 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: WOPO 
Subject: Output chain and demodulation of squeezing signal 

The detectors have been verified to have a low intercept current, that will give us good clearance of our shot noise to dark noise (at least as measured in the <100 kHz band).  The question is if we can make a ~ 1 Mhz measurement of squeezing without extra noise in that readout chain dominating over our expected 1 dB squeezing.

The plan is to use the Zurich box (model HF2LI) to mix down quantum enhancement from 1 MHz in our homodyne detector.  This will be well above most of the classical noise of the laser and other acoustic pickup from the environment.  

The Zurich box has a input referred noise of 5 nV/rtHz above 10 kHz and operating at at the higher end of its sampling rate. It has a couple of nice features that would make it well suited to the task.  We can use the lock in amplifier instrument to digitally mix down signal from 1 MHz and output one or both of the i/q quadratures to its digital output ports.  From this instrument we can also set the bandwidth of the 

Output noise of Zurich is 25 nV/rtHz, so I'll need some gain factor to boost signal if readout is done from the external ports. Relative gain of the two paths can be changed manually by typing values into boxes, but might be tought to do a direct ballenced subtraction within the box live if the real time drift is large.


Laser diode modulation port on Diabolo has a signal bandwidth of 5 kHz, so can't really be used to generate a reference signal.  

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