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Entry  Thu Mar 28 18:16:59 2019, Jon, Update, Computing, Cymac assembly started 
    Reply  Mon Apr 1 11:03:24 2019, Jon, Update, Computing, Cymac assembly started 
Message ID: 2319     Entry time: Mon Apr 1 11:03:24 2019     In reply to: 2317
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: Computing 
Subject: Cymac assembly started 

I know there is some CTN slow channel data on the disk. Is it at all possible to boot so that can be recovered?


This afternoon Chris and I installed the ADC and DAC cards in fb4. We connected them to the timing card adapters (left external to the computer chassis for now).

We found fb4 to be running Debian 8 so first attempted to upgrade to 9, as that is the version supported by Jamie's cymac binaries. However, we encountered problems during the upgrade, apparently with gdm (the linux GUI). By switching to consol mode and killing gdm, were able to proceed to the point of updating all the packages. It completed successfully, but then the system failed to reboot, even in recovery mode. During boot, the advligo-rts kernel fails to start, and then boot hangs completely at the point the graphical interface is started.

We may want to start with a fresh install of Debian 9 and just reinstall the LIGO binaries.


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