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Entry  Thu Mar 28 18:16:59 2019, Jon, Update, Computing, Cymac assembly started 
    Reply  Mon Apr 1 11:03:24 2019, Jon, Update, Computing, Cymac assembly started 
Message ID: 2317     Entry time: Thu Mar 28 18:16:59 2019     Reply to this: 2319
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: Computing 
Subject: Cymac assembly started 

This afternoon Chris and I installed the ADC and DAC cards in fb4.

  • We connected them to the timing card adapters (left external to the computer chassis for now).
  • We found fb4 to be running Debian 8 so first attempted to upgrade to 9, as that is the version supported by Jamie's cymac binaries.
  • However, we encountered problems during the upgrade, apparently with gdm (the linux GUI). 
  • By switching to consol mode and killing gdm, were able to proceed to the point of updating all the packages.
  • It completed successfully, but then the system failed to reboot, even in recovery mode.
  • During boot, the advligo-rts kernel fails to start, and then boot hangs completely at the point the graphical interface is started.

We may want to start with a fresh install of Debian 9 and just reinstall the LIGO binaries.

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