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Message ID: 2201     Entry time: Tue May 29 16:12:48 2018
Author: awade 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Computing 
Subject: Upgraded top level QIL/PSL/TCS lab's router 

The old LinkSys router has been hanging every 48 hours or so. Also it is fairly slow.  I've purchased a tp-link TL-R600VPN router to replace it.  

I put the details of the configuration on the wiki atf Computing Network page. And posted the admin username and password physically on the unit. 

Its important not to open up remote access to configuration settings for now (see security disclosure 2018/05/VPNFilter).  Once a firmware patch fixes this we should be able to configure the router to give VPN access to the lab.  For now you can access the lab through the ussual ssh method on the ussual ports, see the wiki for details.



FYI, I have hard reset the router, changed the password and updated the firmware since yesterday.

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