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Message ID: 2183     Entry time: Sun Nov 5 15:12:06 2017
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: Computing 
Subject: diaggui on Mac laptops 

Its now possible to install DTT (aka diaggui) ont your personal laptop using macports. This would allow you to access data from the LIGO sites, the 40m NDS, as well as the W. Bridge sub-basement labs (once Jon and I set up a way to move the data to the CIT cluster and NDS it).

as usual with MacPorts, YMMV, but this way works for me on more than one machine:

  1. sudo port install gds (this starts installing a huge pile of dependencies and may take a long while - you may need a charger)
  2. It will install root5 and then while getting the gds package, it displays the error:
  3. Error: Failed to archivefetch gds: root5 must be installed with +python27.
  4. This is because the MacPorts package for GDS is misconfigured. So at this point you do:
  5. sudo port uninstall root5
  6. sudo port install root5 +cocoa+gcc6+graphviz+gsl+http+minuit2+opengl+roofit+soversion+ssl+tmva+xml+python27
  7. sudo port install gds

This works on my old laptop (El Capitan), but so far not on Sierra.

After that you can run diaggui to open up your old .xml files, look back at old data, etc.

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