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Message ID: 20     Entry time: Mon Jan 28 16:51:06 2008
Author: Stefan Ballmer 
Type: Laser 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PDH locked pre-mode cleaner 
Since we suspect that the ISS might be jitter-noise limited I started looking at the Pre-Mode Cleaner (PMC).

- Did a rough mode-matching with one lense into the PMC
- Aligned the PMC. Note that the camera is now in transmission of the PMC.
- Used 3MHz drive to the laser's EOM and a photo diode in reflection of the PMC for
PDH locking. Successfully closed the loop using a mixer and SR560, driving
the laser's piezo - however only on a 2-0 mode.
- The 30V power supply I currenctly use to pre-set the PMC PZT does not have
enough range to scan a full FSR, and I can't get the 00 mode into range.

David - feel free to dismantle the path into the PMC and properly measure the beam parameters.
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