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Message ID: 1986     Entry time: Thu Jul 23 17:11:18 2015
Author: Arjun 
Type: Misc 
Category: PD noise 
Subject: CMRR of the PDs 

As described in a previous log, CMRR of the setup will determine if the suppression we have provided is adequate. But, in the last log I considered ideal PDs which are perfectly matched and the CMRR of the setup as a whole was limited by the differential amplifier used. But, in reality we can never match PDs so close to each other! This was pointed to me by Rana and Zach. Rana also suggested that we should take a look at the coherence of the output of the PDs for the unsuppressed case and estimate the CMRR of the PDs and the transimpedence amplifier through that. I am wroking out the math for this to convince myself that this measurement would indeed give us what we want. 

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