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Message ID: 198     Entry time: Thu Jul 23 16:55:24 2009
Author: Aidan, Connor 
Type: Laser 
Category: Fiber 
Subject: Fiber coupling dominance - 19% transmission. 

10:10AM : need to align AOM and check RF drive into it.
    AOM - wants < 2W RF Power Level
    Amplifier gain [ZHL-1A http://www.minicircuits.com/pdfs/ZHL-1A.pdf] - 16dB
    Maximum power output (dBm) = +28dBm = 630mW

14:00: Have AOM aligned. 3Vpp amplitude 80MHz signal to power amp gives ~63% diffraction efficiency [-1 order: 100+/-3mW, total: 160+/-3mW]

16:40: -1 order is aligned into fiber - coupler is very touchy and sensitive to misalignments. looks to be good transmission though. 37mW incident, 7mW transmitted - about 19%!

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